What do I need to do before I travel?

Please log into your online banking and under banking service center choose “I have travel plans” to let us know where you will be traveling. You can also contact us or visit any one of our branch locations.

I have transactions on my account I did not make. What do I do?

Contact the Bank immediately to have your card deactivated and a new one sent to you. Let us know which transactions you did not authorize and we will send you a dispute form to complete to start an EFT Dispute Investigation. You can also visit any one of our branch locations or start the process by emailing us within online banking.

How do I request a new card or replace my existing card?

A new or replacement card can be ordered by emailing us within online banking, visiting any branch location or calling us at 508-634-2500.

What networks is Milford Federal Bank a member of?


What fees are associated with using my debit card?

Milford Federal Bank does not charge you to use any ATM. Other banks may impose a charge to use their ATM. We are members of SUM and Presto! Click to see which ATM’s near you are surcharge free.